Intrada Ships Management Ltd (ISM) looks after technical, commercial and administrative management of the vessels operated by Scotline, responsible for the technical and operational matters concerning the vessels, as well as the crewing. ISM also offers third party management for outside owners

Intrada Ships Management offers the complete range of ship management services; tehcnical, commercial and administrative. We hold full International Safety Management Certification to certificate, control and audit.

Technical Management: ISM is able to offer inspection and management of vessels that are under construction, in the process of acquisition or are already owned. ISM has 2 full – time Superintendents, qualified to cover all aspects of the vessel and who will arrange for any repairs (that can be covered by our in-house engineering company). They are also qualified and experienced in attending to damages, insurance claims and insurance recoveries. In addition, ISM can provide technical, contractual and repair services to ships to support project work.

From a commercial management perspective, ISM is able to arrange appropriate crewing and trades for the vessels, arrange registration of the chosen flag (plus the class and flag state surveys for trading certificates) and place insurance for Hull and Machinery plus P&I risks. ISM can arrange for the supply of bunkers, lubricating oils, stores, spare parts and ship provisions.

ISM is also able to cover the administrative aspects of management, things such as budgetary control for the ships, voyage and contract analysis, and are able to audit accounts. We are experienced at arranging crewing logistics also, including sourcing crew and arranging travel to and from the vessel.

For any enquiries or to discuss our services in more detail, please contact us using the details below.