Intrada Chartering Ltd are shipbrokers, agents and exclusive operators of the vessels owned by Scotline, as well as vessels and cargoes for third parties. We’ve gained a lot of experience over the years, having been active in the industry since 1988 and are active members of the Institue of Chartered Shipbrokers.

Intrada Chartering specialise in the short sea trade throughout Europe and coasters trading world-wide, with the majority of our cargoes being wood products, dry cargoes and project cargoes.

The following is an indication of the types of enquiries that we handle: We are able to act on behalf of shippers and charterers to charter ships on a voyage basis (port to port) or on a time charter basis. We are also able to act on behalf of ship owners to charter cargoes from port to port or on a contract basis.

We are experienced with Sales and Purchase (S&P) of all types of ships.

We can act as bunker brokers.

The vessels we operate for Scotline are managed by Intrada Ships Management and these services are also available for outside owners and charterers.

Intrada Chartering also covers the ships agency activities at the terminals we operate and at other ports in south – east England. Please speak to a member of our team to find out if we can support you with ships agency.

We have a team of professional brokers at our office in south – east England who are available to help; for more information or for general enquiries about the services we offer, please get in touch with us on the contact details here.